Previous Pastors

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Pastor Olabisi Akinola 2011 – 2017

Born 52 years ago. Married to Rita and blessed with wonderful children. Ordained in RCCG as a Deacon 2001, Assistant Pastor 2003, Full Pastor 2009. Rose through hierarchies in RCCG as a worker, Minister, Parish Pastor, Area Pastor and Presently Zonal Pastor. I have pastored RCCG churches in Jos and ABUJA Nigeria. Presently the PIC , RCCG Hall of Mercy Zone with the total number of 14 parishes comprising the zone. By the grace God, Pst Akinola Olabisi is a teacher of the word with ardent commitment to the cause of the gospel He has had the opportunities to minister beyond the shores of Nigeria. He is a member of the committee for ABUJA Special Holy Ghost Service.
He has a Masters degree in learning disabilities, a disabilities Practitioner of repute. He has authored many books in his field and he’s a regular participant of many international conferences across the globe. He organizes seminars, workshops and conferences for teachers and caregivers of persons with special needs. He is also a member of many professional organizations locally and internationally.