Month of Celebration and Welfare Christmas Outreach in RCCG Hall of Mercy

Its our month of celebration in RCCG Hall of Mercy Bwari,Abuja and a remarkable season of sharing. As Christmas draws near,
the welfare Department of  Hall of Mercy Parish, Bwari, Abuja provided food items for members of the church at half the market prices.

Some items like clothes, bags, shoes, etc where made available free of charge.

A bag of rice sold in the market for N18,000 was sold in the Church for N9,000 and Half bag of rice sold in the market for N9,000 was sold for N4,500 in the Church. Other food items like vegetable oil, tomatoes, pepper etc, were sold in the Church at half the market prices, just to reach out to those in need who cannot afford the exorbitant prices of the items in the market.

Christmas is a time to share , spread the joy of the season by reaching out to people around you.

Glory, Grace and Power

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