Gethsemane Hour of Prayer for 4th April 2018 (1am-2am)

A close-up of a christian woman folding hands on the bible.

Isaiah 8:9-13
2 kings 3:4-24
Isaiah 49
Gen 1:26-28

Dominion and victorious Christian life
Strength in the place of prayer& spiritual stamina
Fulfilment of Destiny
Divine Speed
Personal and intercessory prayers

Dominion and victorious Christian life
Happy Easter to everyone. Glory to God for our Lord Jesus Christ who restored back to us our dominion. Let’s walk in the grace accorded us by the sacrifice of the only begotten son of God at Calvary. Jesus is Lord!
My father my father, make me a giant in the place of prayer
Every siege on my prayer life , collapse by thunder in Jesus name
My father my father, flush out of my life every spirit of spiritual laziness, weakness and discouragement in the things of God
Jehovah Tsabaoth uphold me in the battle field of life in Jesus name
Oh Lord my God, by your mercy, grant me victory in all seen and unseen battles of my life in Jesus name

Strength in the place of prayer & spiritual stamina
Revelation 2:14 But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication.
Sin as well as all manners of disobedience is a stumbling block. Balaam was unable to curse the Israelites when Balak hired him until they went into sin and several thousands of them died!
I receive special grace to walk in the spirit from now on in Jesus name
I overcome besetting sins hiding in my life in Jesus name
Every link, contact and connection that lures me into sin and worldliness, break today in Jesus name
I decree and declare, enemies will no longer torment my life through my family members
I receive courage and boldness from today to challenge satanic agents around me in Jesus name

Fulfilment of Destiny
Jonathan never knew David will ever get to a level where he will repay his kindness. It turned out, David became destiny helper for Jonathan’s son and he lifted him from dunghill to the palace.
Oh Lord my God, send my destiny helpers to me this month in Jesus name
My Lord and my God, lift my helpers to positions where they can in turn lift me in Jesus name
Beginning from now, let everywhere I face become open door in Jesus name
Almighty Father, give me ideas that will transform my life to conform with your plans for me in Jesus name
Power of failure and fruitless struggles , die by fire in Jesus name
Divine Speed
There are forces that act like speed breakers. When there are many speed breakers on one’s path, progress will be difficult.
Oh Lord my God ,grant me divine speed from now in Jesus name
Obstacles and stumbling blocks on my path of greatness, physical or spiritual, I clear you off today in Jesus name
I recover all lost time and resources by divine intervention in Jesus name
Creator of Heaven and Earth, grant me favour and divine wisdom to prosper in Jesus name
The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, let favour await me everywhere I go from now in Jesus name
Personal and intercessory prayers
When one operates in dominion, things take a new turn. As we go on in this month of April, may God hasten his words to perform them in our lives in Jesus name.
Let all positive dreams, visions, prophetic declarations and my aspirations find expression and fulfillment this month in Jesus name
Oh Lord my God, put an end to tales of woes in my life in Jesus name
I break away from Mark of sorrow and misfortune in Jesus name
In this new month, let new things locate me in Jesus name
My father my father, let your glory envelop my story in Jesus name
God bless Hall of Mercy Family.
Pastor Ajibola Akesinro
PIC Zone.

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