Gethsemane Hour of Prayer for 28th March 2018 (1am-2am)

A close-up of a christian woman folding hands on the bible.

Restoration by Divine intervention
Mercy favour and Grace
Ending the wickedness of the wicked
Deliverance from arrows of backwardness and waste
Exposing and disarming agents on assignment
Personal and intercessory prayers

Psalm 34
Isaiah 12:3
Acts 12:1-11
2Kings 4:1-7

Restoration by Divine intervention
No matter how dry the ground is, the touch of rain brings about a change. Months of drought disappear with just few days of rain! For someone taking this prayer tonight, your wilderness experience is coming to an end in Jesus name.

My father my father, by your right hand of righteousness, lift me out of satanic pit in Jesus name

Oh Lord my God, put an end to season of dryness in my family in Jesus name

Invisible locust invading my harvest, die by fire in the mighty name of Jesus

Almighty God, help me clear away from my path all obstacles hindering my progress in Jesus name.

Failure at the edge of breakthrough, I disengage from you today in Jesus name


Mercy, Favour and Grace

Whenever there is a convergence of Grace Mercy and favour upon an individual, progress becomes easy and constant. May grace be multiplied unto us in all we do from now in Jesus name.

Supernatural empowerment, come upon me from now in Jesus name

As the steps of the righteous are ordered by God, lead me unto the pathway of my destiny in Jesus name

Let your favour mercy and grace converge upon me and uproot me from wrong location in Jesus name

Oh Lord my God ,single me out of the crowd for special favour in Jesus name

When my strength fails in the path of progress ,let your grace sustain me in Jesus name

Ending the wickedness of the wicked

Genesis 6:5
And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
It is important for individuals not to be ignorant of the devices of Satan and his agents.
Psalms 74:20 have respect unto the covenant: for the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty.
The above verse confirms the level of cruelty in the world as we all can see all around us today.
May the Lord deliver us and grant us total victory.

Orchestrated evil and programmed wickedness against my destiny, die by fire in the name of Jesus

Wherever enemies are hiding around my life, God of Elijah flush them out with thunder and fire in the name of Jesus

Mighty one in battle, disgrace my sworn enemies and evict them from my life in Jesus name

Power of dominion and victory in Christ Jesus, come upon me tonight by fire

I break away from every power assigned to keep me low and down spiritually in Jesus name


Deliverance from arrows of backwardness and waste
No matter how much a man earns, if he wastes more than he earns, hardly can he make progress. If a man lacks direction, he may end up running in the wrong direction. May we not be manipulated and controlled by the powers of the wicked in Jesus name.

Arrow of waste in my finances, your time is up and your tenure is over in Jesus name

Powers that make me invest my resources in the wrong place, die by fire in the mighty name of Jesus

All evil trees casting satanic shadows on my efforts, fall down by thunder in Jesus name

One step forward several steps backward ,end tonight in Jesus name

In just one day, mephibosheth moved from nobody to somebody, Oh Lord my God, restore my glory and lift me up by your mercy


Exposing and disarming agents on assignment
Agents on assignments are dogged and determined. It is unfortunate that believers tend to handle assigned tasks with levity. Just a handful of satanic agent can cause serious damage in any environment. May they not have peace around us in Jesus name.

Holy Ghost fire, come upon all agents on assignment around us in Jesus name

My father my father, expose the agenda and tools of the wicked in your church in Jesus name

Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end in our nation, church, families and lives in Jesus name

Jehovah Mekaddishkem, sanctify all people and items in your vineyard in Jesus name

Contrary altars, visible or invisible; Unholy alliance, open or secret, satanic imaginations and evil desires against the progress of the church and brethren, crumble and disintegrate in the mighty name of Jesus.

God bless Hall of Mercy Family.
Pastor Ajibola Akesinro
PIC Zone.





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