Gethsemane Hour of Prayer for 7th March 2018 (1am-2am)

Forgiveness of Sin
Sanctification and consecration for Master’s use
Victorious Christian life
Rest on all sides

Roman 6:1-23
John 17:17
Jonah 2:9
2Cor 4:15
Phil 4:6
Col 2:7
Isaiah 14:1-3
2 Tim 2:21
Eph 6:10-18

Forgiveness of Sin
Sin makes a mockery of our prayers when we form the habit of approaching the throne of grace with sin lurking around the corners of our hearts. God is not deaf neither are his hands too short to answer us when we pray but our sins separate us from him. Sin drives a wedge between us and God. Pull out the wedge this morning and ask for forgiveness. When we confess our sins and forsake them, he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Psalms 51:10-12 create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.
Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and renew right Spirit within me
* Father, look into the corners of my heart and isolate secrete sins and hidden sins this morning.
* Deliver me from self-righteousness because our righteousness is like a filthy rag before you
* Cleanse me from all malice, hatred and unforgiving Spirit
* Deliver me from the old man of sin and lust
* Purge me this morning and clean up my heart.
* Create in me a new heart oh Lord and renew your right Spirit within me

I will enter his gate with thanksgiving in my heart and his court with praise…
Let’s go before God with thanksgiving and praise.
* Father we thank you for our Church RCCG Hall of Mercy Family
* We thank you for your move and your presence among us each time we gather
* We return all the glory to you for without you we can do nothing
* We thank you for being faithful despite our unfaithfulness
* We thank you for every family, man, woman, the pastorate, ministers, workers and the wonderful congregation
* We are grateful for your protection and provision
* Grant us access to your Mercy seat and throne of grace this morning in Jesus name
Those who seek him early shall find him

Sanctification and consecration for Master’s use
* Father, let me encounter you this morning as the Jehovah MeKaddishkem, the one that sanctifies us
* Break me down and remold me fit for the master’s use
* Make me a vessel unto honour in your vineyard
* Count me among the end time Army
* Deliver me from the love of this world and attachment to materialism
* Help me to fix my gaze on things above only
* Kindle your Fire inside of me to make the world lose its attraction and grip on me
* Deliver me from mammon and what he uses to entice people
* Set me apart and give me the grace do remain thus
* Make me a battle axe in your hand like Gideon
* Empower me to pull down altars of imaginations in my mind
* Deliver me from lust and hold of sin
* Let sin no longer reign in my mortal body because the Bible says Sin shall not have Dominion over me
* Grant me victory over sin today
* I am victorious hallelujah

Victorious Christian life
* Father, I stand on the finished work at Calvary and I walk in that consciousness from now
* Jesus has taken away every contrary ordinance out of the way for my sake, no demon can hold me bound anymore
* I am stronger than my enemies in Jesus name
* No weapon formed against me shall prosper
* Powers of darkness shall bounce off me from now, I have nothing to fear
* Father, because you are God in us, with us and for us, I am more than conqueror through Christ who loves me
* Enemies shall no longer harass nor oppress me in real life or in the dream. I am empowered now
* I have grown into the consciousness of my spiritual heritage in Christ and I hereby declare my superiority over witches and wizards and household wickedness
* Father, teach my fingers to fight and my hands to war against the strong man of my family
* After the order of Dagon, let all altars and shrines in my family be disgraced today.

Rest on all sides
Deliver me, deliver me
Deliver me oh Lord
By your fire
By your power
Deliver me oh Lord
* My father my Father, deliver me from satanic bondage in my lineage in Jesus name
* I will no longer pay for what I did not buy in the spirit realm in Jesus name
* From hence forth let no man trouble me because I bear upon my body the mark of Jesus
* Jehovah Tsabaoth, pull down every monitoring gadget against my destiny in Jesus name
* Destabilise the coven of darkness each time they mention my name
* Let your fire always answer for me whenever anyone invokes my spirit
* Grant me extra ordinary spiritual strength in the battle field of life
* Grant me rest on all side as you did for Solomon
* Make me a spiritual giant from now on so I can terrorise the coven of darkness
* Oh Lord my God, supervise my destiny beginning from now
* Frustrate agenda of Satan and his human agents in my family
* Source of bitterness sorrow and anguish, receive healing this morning in Jesus name

Prayer for the Church
* Expose, disgrace and destroy every plot of Satan and his agent in Hall of Mercy
* Do not allow agent of darkness settle down in our church
* Oh Lord my God, let your fire destroy every satanic hideout around Hall of Mercy
* Father, raise kingdom minded builders to hasten the completion of our project
* Bless every willing vessel in abundance in Jesus name
* Frustrate the counsel of Ahitophel and that of Samba lath and Tobiah among us in Jesus name
* My father and my God, grant us grace during sowing and Mercy during Harvest in Jesus name
* Oh Lord my God, Make us the head in all things according to your word
* Let the yoke of financial indebtedness be broken in our lives in Jesus name
* Grant us the wisdom to develop multiple streams of income for blessings to individual and substance to complete our project
* Let your raw power return to your church
* Make Hall of Mercy Solution center in Jesus name

Finally brethren, pray with the following psalms and then offer your personal prayers
Psalm 23, 19, 47, 42, 3, 17 and 21.

God bless Hall of Mercy Family.
Pastor Ajibola Akesinro
PIC Zone.

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