Gethsemane hour of Prayer for 21st March 2018

Welcome to the weekly online prayer vigil of RCCG Hall of Mercy Zonal headquarters [1 am – 2 am]. May the Lord hear us when we call in Jesus name.
Tonight, we shall spend the first Ten minutes on Thanksgiving and prayers for forgiveness of sins. Thereafter, we shall pray based on the following prayer themes and scriptural references.
Prayer points shall be posted at 10 minutes interval beginning from 1:10 am till 2:00 am. Once again, let’s spend the first 10 minutes on forgiveness of sins and thanksgiving to the most high.

Psalm 13, 3, 64, 91 and 114.
Job 5:12, 20-22.
Gen 1:3
Matt 14:14-21
Isaiah 49:15
Phil 4:13

Protection and defense against incurable ailment and untimely death
Grace for ease and peace
New level of grace for the race
Breakthrough and supernatural lifting
Prayer for the family
Prayer for the Church
Prayer for the Nation
Prayer for Destiny helpers
Personal and intercessory prayers



Protection and defense against incurable ailment and untimely death
We are spirit with a soul in a body. The three are interconnected and a healthy body is essential for the soul and spirit to carry on. Devil targets the body with ailments and the soul with corruption in order to slow down the spirit.
God on the other hand wants us to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper and Jesus came to give us life in abundance. Praise God!
An afflicted body and / or a corrupt soul won’t give the spirit the needed mileage.
Let us pray the following prayer points with faith as we trust God to keep ailments and infirmities far away from us in Jesus name:
* Arrows of untimely death, return and locate your senders in Jesus name
* Healing is the children’ bread, as a child of God, I step into my inheritance of divine health from now in Jesus name
* My body is the temple of God and as such there is no room for ailment under any guise or name in the mighty name of Jesus
* We reject death in our families in Jesus name
* May Jehovah Nissi raise his banner of protection and defense upon me in Jesus name
* I break into pieces, every token of the wicked and satanic conspiracy over my life in Jesus name
* Every device of the wicked and weapon of the enemies to inject poison into my body through dream is destroyed today by fire.
* I receive power tonight to be stronger than my enemies even in the dream in Jesus name

Grace for ease and peace
God takes delight in the property of his servants. A life of struggling and sorrow is not a visa to heaven neither does prosperity banish one to hell. May we receive grace for ease and peace of mind in our pilgrimage here on earth in Jesus name.
* Every source of sorrow and pain in my life, give way for peace like a river in Jesus name.
* Every impostor making my life miserable, lose your hold over me in Jesus name.
* Evil and contrary wind blowing against my life, peace be still in the mighty name of Jesus
* Tonight, I disengage myself from ancestral siege in Jesus name
* My father my father, break all invisible hands working against my peace and progress in Jesus name
* God of Elijah, flush out every stranger hanging around my life by fire.

New level of grace for the race
God expects us to grow and also bear fruits. As children of God, we are expected to grow in grace as we walk with the Lord in the light of his words. We need to beat the fruit of the spirit and manifest the gifts of the spirit. However, gifts of the spirit without fruit of the spirit is questionable.
May his grace be multiplied to us on all sides in Jesus name.
* Holy Spirit divine, help me to mortify the deeds of the flesh in Jesus name
* From today, I refuse to use my liberty in the household of faith as an occasion for the flesh in Jesus name
* I receive special grace to spend more time with God this Year in Jesus name
* I receive grace to cut off all unholy alliances and evil associations around me in Jesus name
* My father my father, help me to guide my heart and bridle my tongue in Jesus name
* Lord Jesus help me to live daily with heaven in sight.
* The grace to withstand pressure that draw people to the Broadway of destruction, come unto me by the day.

Prayer for the family, Church and the Nation
The Church is made up of families and the family is the bedrock of the society. The more family values erode in any society, the greater the societal evil.
If the Church doesn’t stand on the truth how else can we find our way back to our maker? May the Lord help the family, Church and our Nation in Jesus name.
Nigeria has resources in abundance but over time poor leadership has left so many people below the poverty line. We should pray so the nation can be redeemed from the claws of evil and brink of destruction.
* Oh Lord my God, may the affairs of my family be subject to your principles from now in Jesus name
* May the collective will of my family be lost in thine from now on in Jesus name
* My father my father let your fire return to the body of Christ in Nigeria
* God of Elijah, send your fire upon strange altars in our churches in Jesus name.
* Lord of host, the mighty man in battle, raise end time soldiers to confront the evil in the Land and prepare souls for harvest in Jesus name
* My Lord and my God deliver our youth from spiritual blindness in Jesus name
* Oh Lord my God, heal our Land in Jesus name
* Frustrate every hidden agenda by politicians to enslave the masses in Jesus name
* God almighty, let rulers after your heart have upper hands in the forthcoming general election irrespective of political affiliation in Jesus name
* Almighty God, bless our families, revive and reposition the church in Nigeria and heal our Land in Jesus name.

Prayer for Destiny helpers
Everybody needs somebody to become somebody. Destiny helpers make the journey of life less burdensome and easy. However, majority of us don’t remember to pray for those whose blessings are tied to our lifting in life.
We shall pray for our destiny helpers to receive the resources they need so as to release what is ours to us
* Every third eye, monitoring my destiny helper, go blind today in Jesus name
* Every satanic obstruction and distraction pulling and pushing away my helper from me, collapse by thunder in Jesus name.
* All forms of manipulation, that have made my helper avoid me up till now, scatter by fire.
* I decree and declare, my helpers also shall be helped in Jesus name
* I will never be stranded again in Jesus name.
*Oh Lord my God, supervise my destiny from now on in Jesus name
* By the mercies of God, every door I approach from now shall open unto me in Jesus name.
* As God lives, the era of closed door and barren land has gone forever from my life in Jesus name.
Go ahead and pray personal and intercessory prayers.

God bless Hall of Mercy Family.
Pastor Ajibola Akesinro
PIC Zone.

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