Gethsemane Hour of Prayer for 14th March 2018 (1am-2am)

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Welcome to the weekly online prayer vigil of RCCG Hall of Mercy Zonal headquarters. May the Lord hear us when we call in Jesus name.
Tonight, we shall spend the first Ten minutes on Thanksgiving and prayers for forgiveness of sins. Thereafter, we shall pray based on the following prayer themes and scriptural references.
Prayer points shall be posted at 10 minutes interval beginning from 1:10 am till 2:00 am. Once again, let’s spend the first 10 minutes on forgiveness of sins and thanksgiving to the most high.

2 SAM 9 VS 1-9, Psalm 100 vs 1-6, Ezekiel 18vs 1-20
Isaiah 49:13-26
Psalm 25, 8, 27, 86 and 114.
Deut 8:18

Forgiveness of sin
Help from above
Deliverance from strange bondage
Progress on all sides
Oil of favour
Wisdom to prosper
Personal and intercessory prayers


Help from above
Everybody needs somebody to become somebody. May our paths cross that of our helpers very soon in Jesus name.
1) My father, my father, break every barrier between me and my helper today in Jesus name
2) Oh Lord my God, Saul left home an ordinary man but returned ordained and thereafter, he became King, may circumstances begin to work for my good from now in Jesus name
3) As nothing could disqualify Mephibosheth before David, may my helpers compete to lift me in Jesus name
4) I command my ladder of greatness to appear in Jesus name
5) My father, my Father, open my eyes to see opportunities around me in Jesus name.

Deliverance from strange bondage
Spiritually speaking, some people are paying for what they did not buy! In this segment, we shall be disconnecting from strange and unexplainable satanic manipulations and bondage.
1) Oh you strange and invisible powers afflicting my destiny, die by thunder in Jesus name
2) I reject from tonight, every invisible association slowing me down in life in Jesus name.
3) Every counsel from the pit of hell concerning my progress, die by fire in Jesus name
4) I refuse to be substituted as family scape goat in the coven of darkness
5) I am a seed of Abraham, blessed shall I be in all I do and everywhere I go in Jesus name.

Progress on all sides
Everybody sets out to make progress but it turns out than most people don’t make the kind of progress they desire. This segment shall focus on divine speed for good success and exploits
1) My father my father, when my strength fails, let grace kick in.
2) Oh Lord my God, as the Axe head floated for the sons of the progress to make progress, may protocol and laws be suspended for me to make progress in Jesus name.
2) The prison was supposed to truncate the journey of Joseph but it ended up serving as the contact point for his lifting. May the efforts of my enemies propel me into greatness in Jesus name.
3) I wipe off my body every mark of failure in Jesus name
4) May the fire of Holy Ghost consume every distraction on my path in Jesus name
5) In difficult times and terrains, may the Lord uphold me with the right hand of his righteousness.

Oil of favour
Favour of God is the flavour upon our labour. When the favour of God works in someone’s life, work seems like play and harvest looks like dream! May the heaven above us open and the earth beneath yield her strength to us in Jesus name.
1) Beginning from now, doors will open unto me on all sides in Jesus name
2) Where I have met closed doors and suffered rejection, may they, on their own accord look for me in Jesus name
3) Oh Lord my God, let your favour go ahead of me everywhere I go from now on
4) May your oil of favour prosper my ways and thoughts in Jesus name
5) In strange environments and among unknown people, may your favour upon me single me out for blessings and goodness in Jesus name.

Wisdom to prosper
Finally brethren, we shall pray for wisdom to prosper. It is not for him that willeth nor for him that runneth…. … I pray that our labour shall no longer be wasted in Jesus name.
1) Oh Lord my God, give me divine direction in all I do in Jesus name
2) Open my eyes to know where to turn back and where to move ahead in the journey of my life
3) My father my father, may every Jonah traveling with me on the journey of my life be exposed before long in Jesus name
4) Oh Lord my God, guide my steps to the pool of abundance this year and beyond
5) Oh Lord my God, count me among those you will use to finish the ongoing project in Jesus name.

Go ahead and pray personal and intercessory prayers.

God bless Hall of Mercy Family.
Pastor Ajibola Akesinro
PIC Zone.


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